Rough Days…

Everyone has them, I get them more than most. Recently, I’ve felt that I’ve been trapped here like a ghost. Little did I know there were things that I could do. Places where I can go, I can grow, just be me.

Then soon undergo a transformation so profound, it understates the fact that were all lonely, with no crown.

So let’s all look ahead, with a vision that surrounds, each and every thought that has ever kept us down. Then we can soon be free, step away from all the rest. Forget about the past, no it’s nothing but a pest. Continue reading Rough Days…


The “REAL” Limitless Pill?

Nootropcis Are there really vitamins and supplements that can improve brain function?

The short answer: Yes, there are a number of formulas, created to increase cognitive function and overall mental output.

The issue with the Nootropic market is that many of these formulas are not FDA Approved. This can drive potential customers away from an up and coming market that has already improved the lives of millions of people. Nootropics and other brain pills have the ability to improve many different areas of mental function:

Areas Nootropics have been proven to enhance:

Mental Sharpness, Memory, Sleeplessness, Energy , Focus, Motivation, Anxiety, Health.


How can you tell if you are getting the right product?

The short Answer: Do your research, there are great product on the market today. In order to find out how they will affect you is to study them and their uses/ side effects.

One great place to start? Right here at Lucid Expansion. The Nootropics Industry is booming with millions of people around the world discovering the extraordinary benefits that can be obtained by taking the proper brain enhancers.


Our methodology:

Our reviews and recommendations start with hours of research and testing. By doing this our knowledge base and recommendations are based in fact and not on some myth or rumor.

This is all done in order to provide the safest and most effective products on the market. Whether you are looking to improve mental sharpness, conquer sleeping, increase your memory, or improve your all around cognitive function, Lucid Expansion provides the know-how to select the supplements and vitamins that will work best for you.



At Lucid Evolution we strive to provide the best products, discounts, and reviews to the millions of people looking for the real answers about brain supplements and their ability to enhance your cognitive function.