Rough Days…

Everyone has them, I get them more than most. Recently, I’ve felt that I’ve been trapped here like a ghost. Little did I know there were things that I could do. Places where I can go, I can grow, just be me.

Then soon undergo a transformation so profound, it understates the fact that were all lonely, with no crown.

So let’s all look ahead, with a vision that surrounds, each and every thought that has ever kept us down. Then we can soon be free, step away from all the rest. Forget about the past, no it’s nothing but a pest.

We control our future and our futures’ not a game. So let’s keep open minds as we move on through the day. It takes a bigger man, to step ahead and say. No don’t rant, don’t come up here and stamp, on peoples beliefs are you really ignorant.

Let’s all just be happy, learn to love and live life well. I’m only learning now, that a truly happy soul. Is in touch with its self, from the body to the incandescent glow, of the brain when it explodes. Intelligence erodes, the negatives oppose.

So Let’s all take a chance, do our best to just enhance. The lives that are our gift, but then their gone in an instance.

So we do what we can and now we can prepare, for the future, not the scare. No, it does not seem to fair. We make it what we can and we can make our lives revered.

Each new day comes, to shape the brain’s we have. Like a new forged sword we can sharpen the mental strands, that connect our lives with the intelligence we provide. Each and every day we look for more, no not the same.

So I will face the day and enhance my mental path.




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